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How to Care for Your Permanent Makeup: Essential Aftercare Tips

If you've recently undergone a microblading or permanent makeup procedure, ensuring proper aftercare is crucial for the longevity and appearance of your new look. To help you navigate this important phase, we've compiled a comprehensive guide to common aftercare tips for your permanent makeup . Let's dive in!

Understanding the Basics

Before we delve into the specific aftercare tips, let's understand why caring for your permanent makeup is essential. Proper aftercare not only promotes healing but also ensures that the pigment settles well, resulting in beautiful and long-lasting results.

Essential Aftercare Tips

Here are some crucial aftercare tips to remember post your permanent makeup procedure:

  • Keep the Area Clean : It's vital to gently clean the treated area with a mild cleanser and water to prevent infection and promote healing.

  • Avoid Moisture : Refrain from getting the area wet for the first few days to allow the pigment to set properly.

  • Don't Pick or Scratch : Resisting the urge to pick or scratch the treated area will prevent pigment loss and potential scarring.

  • Apply Ointment : Follow your technician’s guidance on applying a prescribed ointment to aid in the healing process.

  • Avoid Sun Exposure : Protect your permanent makeup from sun exposure by wearing a hat or using sunscreen to prevent fading.

  • Skip Makeup : For the initial healing period, avoid makeup on the treated area to prevent infections and preserve the pigment's integrity.

Additional Insights: What Are Some Common Aftercare Tips for Permanent Makeup?

User Insights : Incorporating insights from experts, one common aftercare tip for permanent makeup is to avoid swimming or excessive sweating during the initial healing phase to prevent pigment loss.


Taking care of your permanent makeup with these aftercare tips will not only ensure a smooth healing process but also maintain the vibrancy of your new look. By following these guidelines diligently, you can enjoy long-lasting and flawless results.

Remember, always consult your technician for personalized aftercare instructions tailored to your specific microblading or permanent makeup procedure.

Thank you for reading our guide on aftercare tips for permanent makeup. Stay tuned for more beauty and cosmetic insights. If you're looking for top-notch makeup courses near you, feel free to explore our offerings.

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